Payroll Bureau

Because payroll requires that you have an in-depth knowledge of legislation, quality bookkeeping methods, and that you stay up to date with changing HRMC regulations and requirements, it is increasingly important to seek out a professional to handle your payroll.

At Berkshire Accounting, we offer complete payroll solutions to small employers across the UK. Whether you have as few as 1 or as many as 250 employees, let us crunch the numbers for you. Our cost-effective service can help you to avoid costly penalties. HRMC and PAYE calculations are becoming increasingly complex and we can help you to remain compliant.

The software packages we use are award winning and fully accredited to the HMRC Payroll Standard scheme to ensure that payroll is calculated accurately and efficiently always.

Stay compliant – HMRC is constantly changing its complicated rules, eliminate the worry and potential fines with a managed payroll solution.

Trusted service – 100’s of companies like yours save every year with our payroll bureau.

You have few statutory responsibilities as an employer. You are not only required to deduct the correct tax and national insurance from employee wages, but you may also need to make other deductions such as maternity or sick pay, pensions and student loan repayments, while also dealing with taxable benefits, like company cars or mobile phones.

For many businesses understanding and calculating maternity pay can seem a nightmare, and for new parents having a baby is stressful enough without having to worry about receiving the correct payments. We can advise on:

Our payroll services include:
  • Check their employees coding notice.
  • Calculating wages.
  • Sending you customised pay slips.
  • Calculate NI and tax due to HMRC.
  • Filing RTI returns with HMRC.
  • Acting as your agent with HMRC.
  • Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) and leave.
  • Statutory Paternity Pay (SPP) and leave.
  • Statutory Adoption Pay (SAP) and leave.
  • Maternity allowance for those who don’t qualify for SMP.
  • Parental leave.

Childcare vouchers

Paying for nursery and childcare fees is an expensive outlay for parents, with the latest figures suggesting fees have risen by 27% since 2009. Employers can however sign up to childcare vouchers which are treated as a tax-free benefit. These can be provided to employees with a value up to £55 per week, or £28 per week for higher rate taxpayers. We can advise on:

  • Suitable childcare voucher schemes.
  • Signing up employees.
  • The conditions for the tax-free provision of childcare by employers.
  • The provision of childcare facilities on premises.
Providing tax-free benefits

Providing tax-free benefits to employees is a great way to reward staff without having to increase salaries on a yearly basis. There are a number of tax-free benefits that can be provided for employees from technology to events. We can advise you tax-free benefits including:

  • Mobile phone & travel.
  • Office accommodation.
  • Home working.
  • Medical expenses.
  • Parking.
Number of Employees Weekly Monthly
1-2 £ 5 £ 10
3-5 £ 14 £ 40
6-10 £ 19 £ 60
* All quoted fees are for guidance only and fees may be dependent on the services required and other T&C’s